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Optimizing Vertical Searches
Making your videos, podcasts and images work for you

Vertical search engine optimization means that you make your images podcasts and videos “readable” for search engines. As you probably know, engines love text, it is what they can read and index. Humans are a lot more visual, we prefer beautiful images and funny videos or informative podcasts. But because engines cannot actually see your pictures and videos, and cannot listen to your podcasts, you need to optimize them for vertical searches: image and video search.

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Why is vertical search engine optimization important?

Search results are blended nowadays, which means that the search results on the first page include webpages, images, videos and maybe even news. And in order to achieve maximal exposure, it is not enough to optimise your pages for a particular keyword. You need to do the same for the images and videos you produce.
What is more, sometimes it is even easier and faster to rank high in your niche with a video or image than with a page. To demonstrate this. Yesterday I created a short video tutorial about how to troubleshoot WordPress plugin conflicts and uploaded it to YouTube, and embedded it in my site as well. Less than a day later, it comes up on the first page of Google for that keyword. In 22 hours, Google indexed and ranked my video on YouTube, and because I optimized the text well, it comes up nicely as a relevant search result.
Now, this was not a difficult niche, but the speed with which Google indexed it and ranked it is pretty good. I am still waiting for my page to be indexed. But the video is up there, looking good.

How is a YouTube video going to get me traffic?

Fair enough. There are two reasons why you want to upload your videos to YouTube for vertical search engine optimization. First, YouTube is the second biggest search engine. Bigger than Yahoo!. Second, YouTube results are blended into Google search results, and Google is the #1 search engine. The way to get traffic from your videos is simple. A strong call to action, and a link with easy access.

How do I optimise my videos for vertical searches?

Easy, all you need to do is add a decent description of your video. Don’t be lazy, write up or down what happens in your video. Describe the scenery, explain the steps, detail what can be seen. And while you are writing, use the keyword that you are optimising for. Do not go overboard with keywords for vertical search optimization, because you may get banned, but you can go up to 7% keyword density.
If you look at the video, the description if fairly long, and 5% of the total 515 words is “plugin”, that is my main keyword, with additional keywords like WP and WordPress, around 2% and 1%.
Finally, because you want to generate traffic from your viewers to your site, include a strong call to action in the video. Tell people to visit your site, and what is most important, the first line of your video description should be a link, the full URL to your site.

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