Three Types of Analysis Offered by Professional SEO Services


Do you want to be part of the 0%-10% crowd or part of the 90% crowd? If you want part of the 90% crowd, it’s not a matter of “if”; it’s a matter of “when” you get professional SEO services. It is well documented. For people who search for information or websites, 90% will click and buy from a website that was on the first page of results (SERP).

Along with the absolutely essential link building experts, professional SEO services are a must for online success. Without it, you will just be in the middle of the jungle with other mediocre online businesses. If you are determined to push yourself out of the pressing crowd and work towards a successful website, you need to find the best professional SEO services and link building you can afford.

Professional SEO services and link building experts will conduct an initial analysis of your website including search engine ranking. Then they will be ready to assess your needs.

1. Keywords and Phrases

Once they have a good understanding of your target audience and type of business, they will thoroughly research the phrases or words that result in higher webpage visits. This is the basis for all link building tasks because everything they do is geared towards bringing people that type in those keywords to your website.

The most time-consuming and tedious part that will require a great deal of patience on your part is the link building process. The professional SEO services you hired will have writers that they employ or contract to write content that includes these keywords for them to distribute around the web for exposure.

Part of this process will be to find affiliate partners who are willing to share a part of their website space for your backlink, and typically in turn, your website will have their backlink as well. The more websites that have your links attached, the higher you will rank on SERP.

2. Website Analysis

While the link building is going on, your professional SEO services consultant will carefully review your website content to encourage your customer base to stay awhile. Part of the analysis that takes place is to discover how long a customer stays on the website, how the user navigates around the website, and the bounce rates.

All of this information will assist your professional SEO services expert to tweak and enhance your website for better customer retention and CRO (conversion rate optimization), the percentage of browsers that convert to paying customers.

3. Analyzing the competition

Not only do professional SEO services experts look at how your website is operating, they also check out your fiercest competitors and analyze their website data. This will help them pinpoint even better what things will work and what does not work.

The final, but most important aspect of a truly professional SEO services consultant and link building expert is that this analysis will need to be ongoing. It is not a one or two-step process that happens in a week and you’re done. The hardest work is up front and typically will take up to a year to optimize, but is important to maintain your great standings with your SERP.

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