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SEO Consulting New Jersey – Search Engine Optimization Consultant New Jersey – Newark, Paterson, Elizabeth, Edison. As an owner of a business, SEO or Search Engine Optimization is a vital component to the future success of your business. The Yellow Pages is no longer a viable solution to attract new customers for your business. The majority of searches for business are done via Desktop Computer and Smart Phone technologies which mean most of your business will be coming from searches of Google, Yahoo and Bing. Google is searched over 5 billion times per day; your business needs to be easily found in the top of the organic results. SEO Consulting Pros is a company dedicated to delivering top results on the Search Engines, Social Media Platforms, Google Adwords Campaigns and YouTube Business Video Production. SEO Consulting Pros will work as part of your team to consistently deliver the top results by product and location. We have developed a test model which gives your business a current score for the quality of your search engine visibility; this is used as a benchmark to track success going forward. We work proactively to continually check and optimize these results to make sure your business has the optimum visibility and exposure. Only you know your business, and we work with you to make sure our proprietary Internet Billboard system is always delivering top results. You are the expert at what you do, and we work with you as part of your team to deliver your ideas to your exact customer demographic. Unlike other companies who do business by phone, or across the world, we are available for in person consultations, so we can completely understand your product and location before spending precious financial resources on your internet marketing campaign. We also professionally track the results going forward to ensure success. SEO Consulting Pros provides top results by being a member of your marketing team. If you are not finding your business when you search by product and location on Google and other various search engines, then you have to believe the same is true for your customers. It is simply business you have lost! SEO Consulting Pros looks forward to being a part of your marketing team now and for the future of your business! Call us by phone at (248) 677-2SEO or (248) 677-2736. Website www.SEOConsultingPros.Com

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