Radiator Springs Racers 2015 Ride POV, Disney California Adventure, Disneyland Resort

On your mark, get set, go! Get ready to race through Radiator Springs! You’ll “hit the road” in your very own race convertible on Disneyland Park’s Radiator Springs Racers, starting off by driving through the beautiful Ornament Valley. During your relaxing ride through the valley, you’ll pass rock formations and a waterfall (2:07), while peaceful music plays in the background.

Nighttime falls and your car takes some fast turns, where you’ll encounter friends from Cars, including the Sheriff and Mater (2:53). Once you’ve reached Radiator Springs, more characters and residents of the town are there to greet you. Make your way into Luigi’s Casa Della Tires (3:49) to “look fast” for the big race. Your car is given some new tires or a fresh coat of paint, then Luigi counts down to the start of the race (4:24)!

You’ll race against another convertible through Radiator Springs, taking fast turns and hills. The race cars reach a top speed of 40 miles per hour before concluding the race at the finish line. Lightning McQueen and Mater (5:02) are there to congratulate you! Radiator Springs Racers is part of the 0 million makeover of Disney California Adventure Park. The coaster has consistently long lines throughout the day, so be prepared for a wait at most times.

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Height Requirement: 40″
Ride Duration: 6 minutes

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