MLB Picks | Los Angeles Angels vs Tampa Bay Rays | Thursday, May 25th

The LA Angels have done well against the Tampa Bay Rays in their current series in Tampa Bay so far, but the Angels may be in a tough spot on Thursday when they will be going with a replacement starting pitcher who has not had good results so far this season. Professional handicapper Joe Gavazzi from breaks down the LA Angels vs Tampa Bay Rays game for May 25th and gives a free MLB pick with SBR Videos host Peter Loshak.

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hi welcome to SBR sport picks am Peter
loshak today is Wednesday May 24th we
are talking with Joe Gavazzi from Joe
Gavazzi sport dot com we’re looking at
some baseball games that go tomorrow on
Thursday and we’re going to take a look
at an interesting one right now a game
it’s an early game of the Angels and
Tampa Bay and this is interesting
because Alex Maier the the expected
scheduled starter just hit the DL so
Daniel Wright is going to make a start
and his overall numbers both in his
career and in the minor leagues this
year looking pretty on – he had four
minor league starts this season and
overall got crushed at a huge er a in
those minor league starts so not sure
what to expect from Daniel right here
but all the signs that we can look at on
paper are not promising and then we have
a Matt Andriese on the other side for
for Tampa Bay who has had some decent
starts so some decent results this year
his last couple starts have not been
that good though he got to hit hard by
the Yankees in his last start a couple
home runs so he seems that to my eye to
be maybe mediocre at best right now
but Daniel Wright on the other side for
the angels looking very vulnerable
Tampa Bay right now I’m seeing as a
decent sized home favor 2-1 40s and the
total is 9 so I’m not sure I might maybe
I’ll be thinking about taking a shot
with the over maybe taking a shot with a
Tampa Bay just expecting right to get to
absolutely crush and injuries to be okay
but I’m very curious to hear your
thoughts on this one Joe Gavazzi tell us
what you think about this game I am on
the Tampa Bay silence camera mr. Peter
and let’s go into some of thinking
earlier in Atlanta Pittsburgh talk we
had earlier this day we spoke about the
fact that when two teams of equal
abilities or at least having equal
records play a four-game series

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