Lonely Motel//one part 2

Part 2, next one on Xthroughmyheart’s chanel.

Lonely Motel: Our love was like a motel, it was a temporary residence.

“Selena, what are you doing here?” I ask her in a hushed tone, but seriously how did she come from Los Angeles to Colorado?”Oh,”She jumped off the jonquil bed and wrapped her arms on my neck.”I just didn’t want you to spend the motel alone, so I come to join you my friend.” She smiled cutely at me and unwrapped her arms from my neck.”Selena, there’s only one room left at the motel and we need it for the costumers.”She crossed her arms and frowned.”You think, I wouldnt pay, how cheap do you think I am?!”I chuckled under my breath and murmured.”Alot.”She glared at me and walked of the room. “I heard that Lautner.”I followed where she was going, she headed back on the first level with the staires.I followed her shortly but with the elevator, walking back to the front desk.”So Taylor,”Selena started as she settled down on the taupe desk,”Why are you here, Nicole told me you’ll be here but she didn’t tell me why? ”

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