Everything a Small Business Should Know About SEO

SEO has often been confusing for the small business owner and now with Google algorithms changing all the time and the idea of penalties, it has even gotten scary.  So how does one really know what “good” SEO practices in this changing landscape look like?  In this seminar, our guest SEO expert, +David Harry , will help you get started in this understanding, with some good fundamental concepts that will help you get on the right track.  This  free seminar will help you understand some of the basics that you can do yourself and hopefully develop enough of an understanding to better evaluate professional SEO services when they are needed.

We will be using a question and answer format, including questions from the audience.  You can put your questions in the comments at any time… before or during the show!

About David Harry 

David has been in the SEO and web marketing world since 1998. He’s consulted with everything from mom & pop shops to major fortune 500 corporations over the years. These days he specializes in forensic consulting and audit work and can be found running his school; The SEO Training Dojo where he facilitates the growth and learning of fellow SEO professionals  . Contributor on Search Engine Land and Search Engine Journal.

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