Best SEO Company North Hollywood – (818) 254-9554 Best SEO Company North Hollywood, Mad Capper Marketing is the only marketing agency in Los Angeles that solves the 3 major problems that all businesses have with search engine optimization.

If you are a local, service-based business, then it is critical for you to optimize your Google Places page, and not just your website. This is explained in the article above. Also, it is extremely important that you have the proper content prepared on your website to ensure that your prospects choose to do business with you instead of your competitors.

Mad Capper Marketing creates this content for you and then prepares a strategic marketing “Master Letter” which forms the basis for all of your marketing collateral. This strategic marketing content is then delivered to your prospects in the form of marketing tools like: videos, reports, audio programs, direct mail, sales scripts, etc., and it’s even “delicately weaved” into your SEO program. No other SEO company can offer this to you—nobody! Go ahead and check for yourself.

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